Heather Morgan Shott / Fall '98

Heather Morgan Shott


New York Arts Program,

When I was 15, I told my mom that I was going to move to New York City when I grew up. She said no. After all, nobody in my family had ever lived outside of Central Ohio…how could I leave? When I enrolled in the GLCA New York Arts Program six years later, she grudgingly let me go--perhaps convinced that a stint in the big bad city would convince me to stick with my Ohio roots. In fact, the program only got me more excited for my future, and living in the city one day.

Since graduating from Ohio Wesleyan in 1999, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a pretty exciting career in digital media, with stints at major publications including National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, and Parents. I feel so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had--and the people (and programs) that got me there--so it only made sense to pay it forward. That’s how I ended up at the GLCA house in Chelsea on a steamy night a few weeks ago. 

It was surreal (and sort of a flashback) to meet the bright, ambitious students living in the house now. I could remember sitting in the same lounge, talking about similar hopes and dreams. I loved hearing about their adventures, and I hope what I had to say was encouraging, inspiring and helpful. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will be my boss one day.

—Heather Morgan Shott